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Meniscus Tear

For my STEAM project I will be discussing the bones and muscles of the knees. I will be going into depth of how they work together to help us run and walk, what happens to them when they are injured (i.e. meniscus tears and other sports injuries), and the healing process and lasting effects on the joint.


  1. This is so cool! You did a great job of showing exactly what is under our skin as far as our knee is concerned. When I was a sophomore in high school I was on the drill team and during a kick line, I actually dislocated my whole knee cap. I never really paid attention to what the doctors were saying after them telling me “if it happens again you will need surgery” and that I would be susceptible to dislocating my knee cap again for the rest of my life. Luckily, thus far I have not run into that issue although I feel that once you have torn your meniscus or had any other type of injury to your knee it really does affect the rest of your life. Obviously, we know how much we use our knees as they are what help support us but you never know how much an injury to your knee can affect you. By doing this project I think you may have helped someone understand more about the knee and how it works and what happens when an injury impacts it. The artistry and the idea of using an actual knee to pain out the bones, joints, muscles, and tendons. I would love to know what made you decide to do this and how you chose to present it the way that you did. Might think about a career in sports medicine :). Great, great job! Thank you for putting so much thought into this and helping us dive deeper into this condition/injury!

    Morgan Johnson
    1. My left knee chronicly dislocates and it almost always catches me off guard. Incredibly inconvenient! And painful! Take care of yourself and good luck;)

      Adrianna Salinas
  2. Danielle did her STEAM project on meniscus tears and movement of the knee. She used body art on a knee to depict the anatomy of the knee and show the difference between a healthy knee and a knee with a torn meniscus. Her essay and research listed go in depth about the knee and its anatomy, the importance of the meniscus, and a research article about the most common cause of meniscus tears; contact sports. Given the complexity and the importance of the knee to move often make these injuries to be debilitating. Tears in the meniscus can be either partial or complete tears, and can be cause by falls, sports, or just a quick jerk to the side. Injuries to the knee are an important topic as the damage can quickly go from being temporary to permeant, as well as potentially open the door for other disease to the are later in life.

    Ethan McDonald

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