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  1. Abstracts don’t tell the whole story behind what is on paper, online or a document. Looking at the picture could have meant many different things if there was no title. If the bone and muscle title were to be taken away from the drawing, it would make a little bit of sense that the project is about bones and muscles.

    This project had a very nice layout and seemed to be well planned. After looking over the project it was a nice refresher. Sometimes it can be easy to forget the tiny muscles that are hidden behind the larger ones especially around the mandible and maxilla. We went over the muscles in the body, but I do not remember going too in depth in that unit. It is a nice reminder that there is way more muscles in the body that just the ones we can see on a fake person.

    For the presentation, it was well brawn, labeled and everything is clear. Under Mastication Bones, everything was labeled clearly and there is nice detail added to the bones. Especially the temporal and zygomatic bones. Under Mastication Muscles, the detail in the skull is very nice as well as the muscles. Also, in that section the masseter is circled, then under that is a zoomed in drawing within that area. I like all the detail you put into the bones and muscles. Overall, I really enjoyed your project and it has made me want to learn more about the smaller muscles.

    Victoria Pennington

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