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  1. I personally really like the idea behind it, it’s a great way to explain different chemical bonds through an easy to read comic. It takes a little looking at the key notes to understand that the flies represent electrons and the frogs are atoms, but that can just be me. This is something that I could see hung up in my science teachers room just a simple way to remember the different bonds. Chemical bonds as a comic wasn’t something I thought of when doing the STEAM project but this was able to give a straightforward and cute explanation of the bonds. It’s accurate and straight forward for the explanation and I love the style. It’s a well done comic aesthetically: the writing is easy to read, speech bubbles don’t take up too much of the panel, consistent art style, and the panels definitely have different backgrounds and frogs to each. It’s great in the scientific terms because it is an easy way to know the bonds that even a child could learn and artistically it does have the same style as a children’s comic (not in a bad way in the slightest, it’s wonderful). In all, I think this is a great project for this class and it was well done on different levels.

    Anastasia Shugak

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