Difference between a normal cell division and a cancerous cell division.

For my steam project, I decided to do the stages of mitosis and how cancer effects the mitosis stage. Within the mitosis stage there can be multiple mutations within the cell. Here in my painting I’m showing the difference between a normal cell division process and a cancerous cell division process.


  1. I think that this painting executes the purpose of contrasting the differences between a normal cell division process and a cancerous cell division process effectively. However, I personally think that this was shown pretty literally by having a straightforward image of the two cell division processes. Despite that, I like the idea of showing how cancer mutations affect mitosis while simultaneously illustrating how mitosis normally works. I think that if this idea was executed in a different format or way that wasn’t as literal as a painting/poster I would have fewer issues with this project. All in all, I think that this is a great project and you did a great job at communicating the process of mitosis and how cell division works normally along with how it works with cancerous mutations. I can see this being used as something shown to students as something to easily communicate with them as to what mitosis is, how it functions, and the steps that are included in the process. This is also done well by illustrating how mutations affect the cell division process and how it interferes with mitosis. One more note on this project is that I believe adding more notes on each of the steps of cell division can help communicate what is going on in each respective stage. As it is right now, there’s not much to go off of except the drawings for what stage the cell is at and what’s occurring at the stages of mitosis.

    Hanna Stern

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