My drawing depicts the neurotransmitters able to flourish when caffeine binds and blocks adenosine receptors in our brain. It’s quite a literal piece of  what’s secretly found in a simple cup of coffee, and the positive effects of such.

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  1. For her steam project, Mey drew a coffee mug spilling some coffee, and in the puddle of coffee is shows the molecular structure of the substance.This is such an interesting piece! I often think about how intricately everything that surrounds us works, and this is a wonderful example. Its a really easy thing to miss i think, Mey did a great job representing that the things we learn about in chemistry and biology are really taking place everywhere we look. The best part of the project is how she shows which structures correspond to which of the many effects coffee has on the brain and body. This includes pleasure, concentration, and learning. The adenosine receptors in the brain are blocked when the caffeine molecules bind. This allows the neurotransmitters in our brain to produce these positive feelings, I also love the way she phrases the projects as the “secrets” held in a cup of coffee. This shows that it is such a hidden process that we look at and experience every single day, and yet dont as commonly consider. This aspect really makes her project shine. So interesting! Her artwork and handwriting is also incredible and her effort really shows.

    Megahn Reese

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