In this project I made clay models of how a bone heals from a fracture. I made some clay and some paint to create visual aids of the process. I then labeled the different parts in each stage.

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  1. Alexis did an amazing job of making a visual representation of how a bone heals from a fracture and showing the different stages of the process. This project made me very interested in looking more closely to see what is actually happening when our bones heal from a break. “There are three stages of bone healing: the inflammatory, reparative, and remodeling stages. During the inflammatory stage, when a bone breaks the body sends out signals for special cells to come to the injured area. Some of these cells cause the injured area to become swollen, red, and painful. This lets the body know to avoid using the injured part so it can heal. Other cells that come to the area during this stage form a hematoma which is a blood clot around the broken bone. This is the first bridge between the pieces of the broken bone. Next we have the reparative stage, this stage starts within about a week of the injury. A soft callus which is a type of soft bone replaces the blood clot. The callus then holds the bone together but still isn’t strong enough for the body part to be used. Overtime, the soft callus becomes harder, by about 2-6 weeks it is strong enough for the body part to be used. Lastly, there’s the remodeling stage. This stage starts at about 6 weeks after the injury and regular bone replaces the hard callus. Healing bone tends to look uneven, but over the next few months the bone is reshaped so that it goes back to looking the way it did before the injury (KidsHealth).” Alexis thank you for doing such a great job on this project and for giving the perfect visual representation of what happens during the healing process of a bone fracture, its really cool to see what the process actually looks like, as we aren’t able to physically see the process being done because it is done internally. Retrieved November 29, 2020, from

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