1. Hi Dalauna! I have never heard of this genetic disorder but your project is fascinating! Your model illustrates the first type of neurofibromatosis, NF1. As demonstrated through your artwork, NF1 can manifest as pea sized lesions on the face and iris of the eye. NF1 is the most common type of this genetically inherited disease and unfortunately it is extremely uncomfortable and painful. I like how you explained all 3 types in depth starting with the most common type NF1, followed by the rarer types NF2 and schwannomatosis. According to your research, all 3 types can be equally inherited at a 50% possibility if a parent has it despite the last 2 types being more rare. NF2 presents as tumor growth and issues with nerve function. Tumors in the cranial area can compress the cranial nerves causing a variety of damaging symptoms. Chronic pain sets type 3- Schwannomatosis apart from the other two types as well as loss of muscle function in the toes and fingers. Treatments for neurofibromatosis are limited to chemotherapy and surgery. The type of surgery is dependent upon the tumor type, size and location. I can appreciate how your artwork accurately illustrates the outward characteristics of this genetic disease.

    Olivia Gardner

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