Multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurological disease that has an unknown cause. This disease specifically effects the central nervous system that leads to axonal loss and demyelination in both white and grey matter of the spinal cord and brain. I have a family member that suffers from this disease and after learning about the nervous system and specifically neurons and how they interact with other parts of the body. I thought this was a perfect disease to learn about while having a more in depth understanding of the effects of healthy and unhealthy neurons. The visual aide that I have presented shows both a healthy and unhealthy neuron side-by-side. It also shows the areas of the body that is commonly effected by this disease due to the damaged neurons.


  1. MS is a neurological disease that can tare the body apart both slowly or quickly. Nobody has the understanding of what causes it, or how to cure it but many suffer with the debilitating disease. Taylor, tell your family to keep.their head up and look at the positive days they have and fight the bad ones.

    Priyansh Singh

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