This project is talking about the stages of Osteoporosis in the Jawbone. This is most common in women than in men. This can affect the teeth, jawbone structure, and the fitting of dentures. It also will cover what to do when diagnosed and how we can catch this in the early stages …

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  1. Osteoporosis( when the bones become weak and brittle) when found in the jawbone of the facial skeleton. Women will often have more cases than men. The low bone density in the jaw can lead to loose teeth or teeth loss, gum diseases, lifting dentures, and not fun outcomes from oral surgical procedures. It is possible for a dentist to detect osteoporosis in the jaw by difference of x-rays. The bone loss in the jaw can affect the ridges and result in badly fitting dentures and just increasing the denture size to fit better can lead to mouth sores further leading to difficulties speaking due to pain. Gum disease is extremely painful with sores, sharp pain when chewing, bleeding gums, and tooth loss. To take away the worry of this ever happening regular dental checkups are highly recommended along with a good diet and lots of Vitamin D and calcium. Smoking (as always in health) is a big no no, cutting back on caffeine and alcohol would also be helpful factors.

    Marissa Hopcroft

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