My project is posters on the stages of fetal development. The one with the green border shows how big the baby would be compared to a fruit. The blue one displays when certain things like eyes develop. The red is a week by week of what is happening. The yellow is a visual of what is happening at every week. I included a picture of each and then one picture of all of them.

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  1. The objective covered in this project is to “Describe the major steps of fetal development.” Fetal development begins at the initial stage which is also the sixth week of development. The second stage is the formation stage which is 7-8 weeks, and lastly, is the maturation stage starting at the 9th week of development. Four posters were created that relate to fetal development. The green poster shows the size and weight comparison of fruit to the baby. The second poster in blue shows when organs and body parts appear to form such as the heart, limbs, and central nervous system. The poster in red shows a chart of the fetal development from weeks 1 to 40, showing when certain organs are sensitive for which periods of time. The gold poster shows a visualization of the development of the fetus at different weeks, starting from ovulation and conception and also depicts when limbs start to form. Fetal development can be broken down into three trimesters. The first trimester starts from conception to week 12, this is where cells formate the fetus. The second trimester from week 13 to 28, is when the heartbeat and kicking starts. The third trimester occurs from week 28 to 38. This last trimester is where the baby will gain most of its weight and begin fully developing.

    Samantha Wade

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