My project was on the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby. Babies who are breasted are less at risk for diseases such as asthma, sudden infant death syndrome, and childhood obesity. It is also a bonding experience between the mother and child.

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  1. I was assigned to Haley Giluk’s project labelled “The Effect of Breastfeeding”. This project focuses on the benefits of breastfeeding to both infant and mother. The overall findings of her research highlight the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother, which includes bonding with the child, the release of oxytocin and the lowered risk of postpartum depression. It also highlights the benefits associated with breastfeeding for the infant, which include healthy growth, reduced risk for many diseases and disorders, and the plentiful nutrients that the infant receives from the milk. Haley also emphasizes the time and money saved with breastfeeding, which does happen to be a large factor for new mothers and infants. It was extremely thoughtful for her to include that as the time saved after finding a routine with breastfeeding, as well as the money saved from reduced expenses associated with formula are helpful to mothers. Haley’s piece is a watercolor drawing that represents the benefits of breastfeeding in a colorful and relevant way. Her painting includes a drawing of breasts, with hearts and the words “colostrum”, “healthy”, “natural immunity”, “safer” and “special”. She included the word “colostrum” as that is the name of the milk made in the mother’s body during and after pregnancy, referred to as “liquid gold”. This is known as liquid gold due to the nutrients and antibodies that provide the natural passive immunity to newborns. The hearts represent both the oxytocin release and the bond created as well. This project is very well done and informative! Thank you.

    Michaella Smathers

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