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  1. In this STEAM project we see a visual representation of what tape worms do to your body. It essentially highjack the nutrients out of your body and deprives you of them. In the artwork, they are depicted as some sort of dragon or demon. Which can be an accurate representation being that they unknowingly enter the host and disrupts their normal digestive process. This little demon invades your body and literally sucks the life from inside of you. This is exactly what I think the artist is trying to relay through his art piece. It is very evident in the way that he drew the human; you can tell the human is not getting the needed nutrients. The human figure looks like a corps, while the tape worm looks big and healthy. I also like how he made the tape worm larger than the human, like it was more important. I believe what he is trying to explain with the drawing is that the tapeworm has no regard for what it does to the host’s body. It’s sole purpose is to survive off of the digested food of another living organism, being that it does not have a digestive tract.


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