My STEAM project depicts the silhouette of a woman who is around 9 months pregnant.  In her abdominal area, I have painted a baby in the uterus.   The baby is almost fully developed and is ready to be born soon. Between the baby’s legs is part of the umbilical cord, which is how the baby gets nutrients from its mother as it is growing in the womb.  I painted the mother and baby with acrylic paint on white cardboard.   I wanted to highlight the baby in this painting so I chose to do a black silhouette of the woman instead of adding lots of details that might take away from the baby.  I thought this painting really puts in perspective the location and position of the baby in the mother, and I really enjoyed doing this project.  In my write up I discuss a lot of the changes the female body goes through during pregnancy. Let me know if you have any comments or questions!

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  1. Hello Ashley! It looks like your covered objective is “describe the physiological, hormonal, and physical changes in pregnancy”. You did a great job of this. Your painting is tasteful, and I enjoy the way you made it a bit more artsy by painting the silhouette black. I agree, it does serve to draw more focus to the unborn-baby! The uterus is placed correctly within the abdomen, and it is obvious from the anatomy of the drawing how the mother’s organs would be affected by the growing fetus over the course of pregnancy. This project definitely aids in visualization of the growing child’s position within not only the woman but the womb. Many people do not make the connection that the baby is upside down in order to allow the head to pass through the birth canal first, so I like that you made sure to include that accurate positioning. Great job Ashley!

    Bryant Griffith

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