My project is on urinary tract infection. Three types of infection occur within the urinary tract, urethra, bladder, and kidney.
the green dots on the clay model respersent where the bacteria sits when it travels.
each part of the infection in the urinary tract has its own set of symptoms. The higher up the tract, the worse and more painful the symptoms become. There’s a label for the symptoms next to the represented spot.
a urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria finds its way up the urethra. If it is not dealt with, then it travels to the bladder, and finally the kidney.
these infections are more common for woman. About 1 of 5 woman will have it in their lifetime. And it can continue through life as a reoccurring infections at different time.

There are two types of uti. Complicated and

uncomplicated. Complicated deals with an underlying condition that a uti will need to be looked at further so that a reoccurring infection doesn’t happen. Uncomplicated can be easy to detect and a regular round of antibiotics will simply help the infection pass.
(The green dots are hard to see if at all in the urethra- but they are there!) and sorry about the cake pan- this type of clay can only be done on metal or glass

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  1. I’m just now realizing that my picture isn’t as clear on my phone when I first posted to looking back. The first line of defense is a urinary infection, which symptoms include : urge to urinate but unable to, a sense of frequency to void, pain upon voiding, pain in lower back or abdomen, a dark color and cloudy urination.

    Once the bacteria travels to the bladder symptoms become more severe, including lower abdominal discomfort, stronger discomfort in urination and in some cases can have blood along with it.

    If still untreated and bacteria makes its way into the kidneys, it presents a new list of symptoms. Upper back pain, side pain, high fever, shaking, chills, and nausea, vomiting


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