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  1. Justin Bevis’s short essay is an exploration of osteoporosis and an explanation of his wood burning project. In it, he explains that osteoporosis is a disease that results in loss of bone mass and density due to the rate of bone resorption outpacing the rate of bone formation, The bones are then prone to breakage because of their new porous nature. This is more common in women than in men, due to women’s thinner bones and loss of estrogen following menopause. Treatments for this disease include bisphonsphonates, which inhibit bone resorption, Teriparatide, which promotes new bone growth, vitamin D, calcium supplements, and exercise. Screening for osteoporosis includes the central DXA, which looks at the bone density of the hips and spine, and the peripheral test, which looks at the bone density of the wrist, fingers, and heels. Women over 65 are strongly recommended to get screened with a density test, along with men over 50 with bone breakage and other risk factors. The importance of screening for osteoporosis is increasing due to the baby boomer generation getting older and developing an increased risk for the disease. Osteoporosis is considered a silent disease because many people do not recognized its presence until after they have broken a bone. Even after this, less than 30% of the patients get a bone density test to see if they are at risk. Justin’s wood burning project is an etching of a human skeleton into a piece of wood. The skeleton has multiple bone fractures due to its diagnosis of osteoporosis.


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