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  1. Osteoporosis is a disease that relates to the loss of bone mass. Osteoporosis can affect all sorts of bones. The description of the project describes how osteoporosis develops and what can cause it. It can be caused by aging and less exercise because then it is harder to maintain strong bones. This video doesn’t show the causes but it does show how the bone may look during all the stages before it reaches the end of the disease. This video project is showing the breakdown of bone during osteoporosis. The video shows each the step of the bone on the way to osteoporosis. It shows what a normal bone looks like inside and how over time the bone loses a little something which leads to osteoporosis. The video was a good visual tool to explain osteoporosis without using all the technical words. The video was made to show the process in a simple way. It explains osteoporosis in a simpler way that everyone could understand. The video demonstrates osteoporosis from a normal bone to bones with osteoporosis. The video shows what the student imagined in her mind that osteoporosis would look like and how it is developed. I think this project was an interesting way to show the process of osteoporosis. Sometimes it can get complicated when trying to explain diseases and how they develop. It’s nice to have a way that is easy to understand and is pretty self -explanatory. The artist explained it and demonstrated in a way that was inventive and interesting.

    Chelsea Blackman

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