Osmosis is the diffusion of water. This pendulum represents the passing of a water molecule through a membrane at osmotic equilibrium. Osmosis continues to happen as the molecule of water passes back and forth through the membrane represented by the cone on the back of the pendulum. The membrane also contains aquaporins, which is the part of the membrane responsible for the passage of water. Without the presence of aquaporins water could not pass through the membrane in both directions which means osmosis would not be possible. The stones on the base represent concentrations. The darker the stones the more concentrated with water it is. Since osmosis works down the gradient from high to low concentrations the pendulum   representing the water molecule, swings back and forth between the the two areas of concentration traveling from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. This will happen continuously at osmotic equilibrium.

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  1. The pendulum was an excellent representation of osmosis. The pendulum is always moving just like in osmosis, the water molecule will go back and forth through the membrane in order to maintain osmotic equilibrium. There are stones at the bottom of the model which are different colors, the darker color represents a higher concentration and the lighter color is a lower concentration. The pendulum swings back and forth through each color symbolizing the process of maintaining osmotic equilibrium by osmosis. Each part of the project represents a different part of the osmosis process. The pendulum represents a water molecule passing through a membrane. The stones on the pendulum are the water and the jar with stones are the water molecules. The stones at the bottom are the different concentrations and the cone on the back represents the semipermeable membrane which allows water to pass through. Aquaporins are also a part of the semipermeable membrane and they are always open and what allow only water to pass through. The pendulum would not swing freely without these aquaporins so they are a important part of the osmosis process in keeping osmotic equilibrium. Altogether, I think that this presentation was a great idea and I can see the different representations of each piece involved in osmosis and diffusion.


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