Fibrodysplasia Ossification Progressiva is a rare condition in which the muscles, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments ossify and turn to bone.

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  1. My partner’s STEAM project was on a genetic condition affecting the skeletal and muscular systems called Fibrodyplasia Ossification Progressiva, or FOP. This is a rare disease that turns muscle and connective tissue to bone, including tendons and ligaments. She did a great job explaining how this disease affects the human body, also in her painting, which I loved! The artwork conveys a sort of quietness, with the muted colors and gray background, relating to a sense of less movement and more stillness. I can envision what the disease would feel like eventually. She sited her sources and gave useful information pertinent to getting a generalized understanding of the disease, which left me wanting to know more! I found the data interesting, such as the average life span of a person with this disease is only around forty years of age. Also interesting was how most people die from cardiorespiratory failure as the thoracic cage restricts the circulation of oxygen, how terrifying! Overall my partner did a wonderful job enlightening me on a new subject, along with a fantastic art piece.


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