I made my STEAM project about osteoporosis because I enjoyed learning about the disease. The woman in the beginning is drinking milk, but she hasn’t been having enough calcium as seen by the Ca++ tanks on the second page. This causes the osteoclasts to break down more bone than they’re supposed to. This leads the personified osteoblast at the end of the comic to be surprised that they’ll be unable to keep up with the osteoclasts’ activity.

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Lost Cartilage Your Knee Won’t Forget: Osteoarthritis in the Knee Joint

My goal was to demonstrate the effects of osteoarthritis in the knee. This is a degenerative condition characterized by worn down cartilage that causes things like swelling, stiffness, pain, and bony growths that form on the ends of bone due to the femur and the tibia rubbing against each other …

Scoliosis Spine

This is a spine representing scolioses. You might notice the very large curve that will cause a lot of pain and the body to feel unbalanced. Everything is labeled and each section of the spine is color-coded. The smaller picture to the right is an X-ray of a severe scolioses case.

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The objective I chose to focus on is to compare and contrast the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. This is a hand molded small scale skeleton structure with painted nervous system display. The lights indicate different sensory neurons firing messages through PNS channeling the electric signal to the …

Exercise Induced Rhabdomyolysis

My steam project is on exercise induced Rhabdomyolysis (exRML). Rhabdomyolysis is the rapid break down of skeletal muscle tissue due to mechanical, physical, or chemical traumatic injuries. From a cellular level, exRML is caused by an unchecked increase of sarcoplasm Ca2+ levels coupled with a significant depletion of Adenosine Triphosphate. …

Breathing to self-calm

Breathing is a function of the autonomic nervous system however research shows that mindful breathing (thoughtful, voluntary as opposed to involuntary) can positively impact stress, anxiety, and depression when regularly practiced. I’ve recorded a mindful breathing practice script as a demonstration of one of many techniques utilized. Thank you for …