As depicted in my art piece, osteoarthritis can be classified into five different grades: none (0), doubtful (1), minimal (2), moderate (3), and severe (4). Grade zero (none) is the absence of osteoarthritis, grade one (doubtful) can be described as doubtful joint space narrowing, grade two (minimal) has definite osteophytes with possible joint space narrowing, grade three (moderate) consists of multiple osteophytes and obvious joint space narrowing with some sclerosis and possible bone deformity, and lastly, grade four (severe) shows large osteophytes, narrowing of joint space, severe sclerosis, and definite deformity of bone (Kellgren & Lawrence, 1957). I used a skeleton model and clay to demonstrate the different stages of osteoarthritis. In addition to showing the progression of this disease, my main priority with this project was to gather information on the preventative measures that should be known to help individuals avoid factors that put them at greater risk of developing osteoarthritides (as there is no way to reverse the disease).