The male reproductive system was constructed out of playdough and picture art. The male reproductive system is made up of the penis, urethra, vas deferens, testes, epididymis, prostate gland, seminal vesicle. The vas deferens is the duct that brings the sperm from the testicles to the urethra. The vas deferens is a long tube that travels from the epididymis and into the pelvic cavity. The project then depicted the process of a vasectomy, which is the surgical procedure that sterilizes men. First, like all surgeries, an opening is made in the skin. Second, the bad deferents are located and cut. This causes the tubes to be blocked and are either sutured, cauterized, or small clipped. The blocked gas deferens is put back into the scrotum and stitched shut. Although vasectomies are 98% successful, mistakes such can occur that can still cause pregnancy. One is when the residual sperm sperm can still be located and come out during ejaculation. The surgeon could have also have made a mistake and did not cut the gas deferens. Lastly, there could be a rare condition called ‘Recanalization’, which is when the two ends of a gas deferens attach. A second vasectomy would need to be done in many cases.


This STEAM project was made in a creative way. The slow picture art captured my attention, which is a good quality to have in a project. Memes were also incorporated, which added a form of comedy to the project and also appealed to the general audience (university students).