For my steam project, I would like to show you how a healthy thyroid gland can be partly or fully removed through a surgical procedure called Thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer.


  1. After reading Chrize’s paper and seeing her project, I have a much better understanding of Thyroidectomy. The thyroid gland serves as medication for people with thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is a malignancy occurring from cells of thyroid origin. Chrize did a fabulous job of showcasing the healthy thyroid to post-surgery via different clay molds. Her project made it easy to see the process of removing part or whole of the thyroid, and her paper was well organized and well-thought-out. With her very well-detailed project, it’s easy to see how the thyroid can take over the whole gland and how much they can remove and still live a healthy life. Her project was attention-grabbing and immediately sparked an interest.
    I learned the benefit of Thyroidectomy is an operation that removes all or part of the thyroid gland. This surgery usually takes place in the front of the neck. Those who have thyroid cancer or other complication of thyroid typically go under for this surgery. This surgery is to treat cancer of the thyroid. They cannot decide how much of the gland needs to be removed until they do an open biopsy and lobectomy. If they remove only a part of the thyroid, the thyroid should work normally after the procedure. If the whole thyroid is removed, there would be a daily treatment and thyroid hormone to help the thyroid return to normal function. This procedure allows patients to survive without this chronic pain etc. Therefor allowing the survival rates to increase. It also helps prevent patients from having to go through similar procedures in the future. The procedure will allow people who are typically sick from thyroid complications to relieve their chronic pain, allowing them to continue their lives, which is essential for patients. This project was well rounded, easy to follow, and I could locate what parts of the thyroid were being removed on her project as well as follow along during her paper with significant ease.

    Sydney Tyson

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