I created an acrylic painting that shows the difference between an ectopic and normal pregnancy. Two half paintings of the uterus are created that come together to form one uterus. On the normal pregnancy, it shows that the embryo is implanted normally in the wall of the uterus away from the cervical canal and not in the fallopian tube or other uncommon location. The painting shows the different ectopic pregnancies that may occur. The ectopic pregnancy locations labeled in my painting are interstitial, isthmic, ampullary, infundibular, peritoneal, ovarian, cervical, and abdominal ectopic pregnancies.

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  1. For my steam project review this semester, I had the pleasure of reading Samantha Wade’s paper and looking at her project. She focused on ectopic pregnancy versus normal pregnancy. I learned that on average 12 to 18 percent of pregnancy’s end in spontaneous abortion. Ectopic pregnancies are the most common cause of pregnancy morality. This is when the egg places itself in usually the fallopian tube. A fertilized egg cannot develop outside of the uterus. They find out if it is an ectopic pregnancy through ultrasound and it could result in surgery. If the egg plants in an area causing an ecptopic pregnancy it can cause bleeding that is life threating. These types of complications occur within the first few weeks.
    She made an amazing painting that displayed what an ectopic pregnancy versus a normal pregnancy looks like. It was unique that she created 2 half uteruses that come together as one. I also liked that for the ectopic pregnancy she labeled all of the places that It can occur. It was very well done and there was a lot of creativity put into it. Ectopic pregnancies can occur in the interstitial, isthmic, ampullary, infundibular, peritoneal, ovarian, cervical, and abdomen.
    This project was really interesting and I enjoyed it alot. I learned so much about what an ectopic pregnancy is, where it can occur and what happens. When reading it and looking at her acrylic painting it helped me to understand the difference between an ectopic versus a normal pregnancy.

    Heather Holland

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